Who I Am




innovation סורסרית

I'm a multi-disciplinarian, innovative, forward thinking professional who operates at the intersection of talent sourcing and recruitment technologies (HR Tech). I am one of the leading voices in the international sourcing community and I was fortunate to keynote in conferences around Europe and Asia. 

I co-lead the Israeli HR Tech founder's community, co-founded HRTechnation.com, mentor at Israel's first HR Tech accelerator (AKT), and Castling-Vet, Israel's vet officers exponential Innovation program and from time to time I am invited to judge local and international HR Tech startup competitions and hackathons.

I am very passionate about the future of recruitment and work and am motivated by raising awareness to the upcoming changes in the industry. My latest crush is VR and how it can promote togetherness in remote work.

I pride myself to have an authentic, bold, rebellious and innovative voice :-)

I deliver corporate in-house workshops, both in Israel and overseas. The workshops are tailored to the needs of each company. I also deliver local public workshops and remote workshops to global teams. I teach Sourcing (not just LinkedIn!). I am also active in HR Tech's first accelerator (founded by AKT), I judge international competitions and speak at different innovation courses. I am also on several lists of opinion leaders to watch in 2019 and 2020.

Being a professional sourcer means having a very specific mindset, which is something I emphasize in my workshops. Sourcing is more than LinkedIn. Real, professional sourcing finds potential candidates all over the web and uses tools to make the search a productive one.

Professional sourcing is not a free ticket into the recruiting world. It is a professional discipline that combines several fields of knowledge - information, psychology, sales and marketing. Professional sourcers are a little of everything, and are, most importantly, curious.


To be done properly it also requires a budget.

The sourcing and recruiting fields are also undergoing an automation revolution (about 80% is already automated) and anyone who does not join the revolution and use the technology will find themselves left behind. I teach companies how to stay relevant. I founded the Facebook group "The Art of Sourcing and Recruitment" and manage it together with Tchiya Alona Alter.

I also introduced and organized international brands to Israel, such as TRU TLV and HRTechTank Demo Day. I Recently also introduced the SOSUMED International Sourcing Conference, in collaboration with PerfectaHR.

I am often driven by a desire to share information and raise awareness to the changes coming our way. What I have to say is original, direct, uncompromising and in many cases before its time. This has helped me become an expert among international opinion leaders in sourcing and HR tech.