When Sourcing, Recruitment & HR meet Technology... Wonderful things can happen!

Karen Azulai

International Sourcing Coach

In-house training, remote training for global teams, public workshops

International speaker 

Recruitment technologies & innovation, HR Tech, remote work


Setting up sourcing teams, building an annual sourcing budget



If I were to describe myself ... I would say that I am multidisciplinary with a strong attraction to finding and locating, the future and new technologies. I operate at the intersection of four disciplines - sourcing, recruiting, HR and advanced technologies, that is - HR Tech, now also known as Work Tech.

In recent years, I have become a thought leader, both in Israel and abroad, on innovation in candidate sourcing and HR technologies and how they affect the work environment.

I take every opportunity to speak at conferences in Israel and around the world.
I co-founded HRTechNation.com - Innovations in HR technology.

I deliver corporate in-house workshops, both in Israel and overseas. The workshops are tailored to the needs of each company. I also deliver local public workshops and remote workshops to global teams. I teach Sourcing (not just LinkedIn!). I am also active in HR Tech's first accelerator (founded by AKT), I judge international competitions and speak at different innovation courses. I am also on several lists of opinion leaders to watch in 2019 and 2020.

Being a professional sourcer means having a very specific mindset, which is something I emphasize in my workshops. Sourcing is more than LinkedIn. Real, professional sourcing finds potential candidates all over the web and uses tools to make the search a productive one.

Professional sourcing is not a free ticket into the recruiting world. It is a professional discipline that combines several fields of knowledge - information, psychology, sales and marketing. Professional sourcers are a little of everything, and are, most importantly, curious.

To be done properly it also requires a budget.

The sourcing and recruiting fields are also undergoing an automation revolution (about 80% is already automated) and anyone who does not join the revolution and use the technology will find themselves left behind.

I teach companies how to stay relevant. I founded the Facebook group "The Art of Sourcing and Recruitment" and manage it together with Tchiya Alona Alter.

I also introduced and organized international brands to Israel, such as TRU TLV and HRTechTank Demo Day. I Recently also introduced the SOSUMED International Sourcing Conference, in collaboration with PerfectaHR.

I am often driven by a desire to share information and raise awareness to the changes coming our way. What I have to say is original, direct, uncompromising and in many cases before its time. This has helped me become an expert among international opinion leaders in sourcing and HR tech.