"Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge, you did everything in style and for a moment you took us to other places in the world and it was super interesting."


"First of all, I wanted to thank you very much for the workshop. It was extremely enriching, and I am really happy to have learned such useful tools."

"I waited a long time for this opportunity and very much appreciate your sharing and desire to continue giving, and the opportunity to get the sourcing “bug” from a woman who is very much a leader in the field and its innovation. Well done and many thanks."

“It was professional, enriching and fun”

“I wanted to say thank you so much for the workshop today! It was extremely interesting and insanely enriching! I was shocked by the number of tools there are :-). It was very successful thank you"!

“It was a great workshop. Thanks again for helping me find my mojo"


“Hi Karen, I wanted to say thank you so much for the workshop today! It was super interesting and insanely enriching! I was a little shocked by the number of tools ... very successful thank you! "

 “Hi Karen, I wanted to thank you for the workshop today. It was very meaningful for me. I am still thinking about the things you talked about - you just blew me away”

“… That was a champion workshop! A workshop that at least for me is innovative and up to date, with real and concrete value."

"The scent of far-off places dominated not only the collaboration of content and global resources but also the general pampering allround...

"You are definitely leading the field forward in Israel"

"Can’t wait for the next workshop!"

“It was excellent, thanks!“

“Thanks for the details and tremendous professionalism."

"It was engaging, instructive and inspiring."

"Definitely an advanced workshop."

“A great workshop in a style I love :-)”

"A content expert who shares, it was very interesting, and the sequence was excellent."

"It was an interesting workshop, full of innovative content, bringing value and new meaning to the world of sourcing."


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