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Tech Sourcing - Leveraging Github and Stackoverflow to minimize Hiring Mistakes

Updated: Nov 7

What are the advantages of sourcing on

Github and Stackoverflow?

**It’s Free!**

**AUGMENT and ENRICH profiles of tech talent beyond info you have on Linkedin**

(Personal blogs, likes and wants, links to slides and

videos of presentations and more!)

**Offer the RIGHT job to a potential candidate**

**Simplify access to contact details and preferred way of outreach**

**Help you craft intelligent, relevant and personalized outreach emails**

True, Github and stackflow were not built for recruiters and sourcers.

However it’s the home to dozens of millions of developers, VPs, CTOs and others who contribute to

the idea of opensource – working together on projects.

Yes, you can use “Github Jobs” or “Stackoverflow Jobs” and post your jobs,

but better yet, you can source on your own and select those that seem to be a promising match for your role.

75% of the activities on Github are private. But that still leaves us with almost 30 million projects to learn from.

Because it’s technical and contains code, recruiters and sourcers shy away from it…

But the truth is that it is SUPER EASY AND QUICK to use once you know what to look for!

The goals of this 3 hour workshop (+ 2 hours hands-on) is to give you additional tools to manually:

1. Learn how Github works and understand the terminology.

2. Source for top tech talent that’s not on Linkedin (Yes! And there are many!)

3. Cross reference info

4. Find personal info (Leads you get on the platform)

5. Learn of some free tools that can provide some short cuts

6. Learn of advanced tech recruiting tools that will shorten the process


This workshop is delivered in English.

You will receive an email from me immediately after payment.

Once you send the info you will receive an invoice/receipt

and the exact time of the webinar in your area, as well as the zoom link.

You will need to register on that link before the event.


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