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Sourcing Lessons קרן אזולאי סורסרית

"Sourcing is an entry level position to recruitment"
"Linkedin is the best source for finding candidates"
"Technologies are not affecting search"

So NOT!!

If this is your state of mind before going on a coveted
recruiting / sourcing job interview,
think again!

What will hiring managers ask you in an interview ?
Great companies will want to know about your methodology, your creative process, your knowledge about sourcing tools, your engagement skills with potential candidates, your brand and how knowledgeable you are with the industry, among other things.

Who is this meant for?
Anyone who is about to go on interviews as sourcers, recruiters or HR recruiters
that require sourcing knowledge

Why work with me?
1.  I've been into search for 20 years and an int'l sourcing leader for 8
2.  I'm a global sourcing trainer and I know the ins and outs of sourcing
3.  I've interviewed sourcers for many companies
4.  Recruiting and sourcing technology is my specialty
5.  I routinely speak about the future of sourcing and recruitment

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What does it include?
A questionnaire before we meet online
A one on one coaching session
A mock interview
Sharing knowledge
The recording of our meeting

How long will it take?
I will coach you until you feel prepared, empowered, and excited for your interview!
(Usually between 1 hour and 3, depends on your knowledge and experience)

How much does it cost?
Corona prices 249 USD (instead of 350 USD)

Do you have an hourly cost?
Corona prices 120 USD (instead of 175 USD)

Pre- recorded session addressing all of the topics
Pro – Covers all the topics
Con – Not personalized
(Available soon!)
Corona prices - 89 USD

Terms of payment:
Session will be paid a week before the set date by credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

In case you will need to delay or cancel, pls read the terms of cancellation below.

Cancellation terms:
*  Delay - NO cancellation fees
*  Cancellation up to  7-5 working days before the date: 25%
*  Cancellation 4-3 - working days - 50%
*  Cancellation 2 - 1 working days - 75%
*  Same day cancellation - 100% of payment

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