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International sourcing trainer with vast experience in leading virtual workshops in English to local and global teams

Remote In-house Sourcing Workshop

Social distancing is not going to go away for the time of being, your (remote and distributed) team is still recruiting, each one to the best of their ability. An In-house remote training will unite everyone and keep them productive and engaged!

1 x 1 Private Remote
 Sourcing Lessons

Sometimes the only thing you need is some quality time with someone who can help you figure out how to finally get out of the loop you got yourself into! I know I wished to have someone whom I can just turn to with questions when I had them!

Pls Help ME NOW!
S.O.S Remote Assistance

No need for another workshop, no budget for one but you need help NOW! You need to deliver, and you are at loss at what more to do! I can come to your rescue on any platform you want and help you out with some good advice!

I Need Ongoing Support for MY Team!

Your team is still not operating as a well-oiled sourcing machine...What you need is someone to support each one of your sourcers/ recruiters individually and help them get "unstuck". 
One time or on a weekly / bi-weekly / monthly basis

Zoom: How to leverage Github and Stackoverflow to find more talent, asses at the top of the funnel and shine with your outreach emails beyond all the others?

September  7th,  morning session
September 8th, afternoon session

This is not another session guiding you on how to write great outreach emails...
This is about gaining a competitive advantage and overwhelming your potential tech candidates!

Github and Stackoverflow are two overly technical sources for sourcers and recruiters but have no fear! you really don't have to dive in too deep to get great info to leverage in your emails!

This video will teach you some quick and dirty tricks on how to get this info - quickly.

Overwhelm your potential tech candidates and shine with emails containing info they never thought you would have on them!

25 USD - Click here to pay and gain online access!
25 Euros - Click here to pay and gain online access!
25 PDS - Click here to pay and gain online access!

Additional Services

Consult with Me

Feel free to consult with me about anything and everything sourcing and HR Tech.
Some of the topics I was consulted with in the past:

*  Building / reorganizing recruitment & sourcing teams
* Building annual sourcing budgets
*  Upskilling your sourcing team
*  Incorporating advanced technology / platforms / tools into your sourcing and recruitment process


HR Tech Mentorship

As an HR Tech evangelist, I am one of the mentors in the first Israeli HR Tech Accelerator, AKT Labs.

In my role as co-founder of, I interview many HR Tech startups, I lead the Israeli HR tech founders community, I judge in HR Tech startup competitions internationally, I give talks about the topic internationally and I make it my business to be on top of what's going on in this field.

I believe that when one mentors, a wider perspective is needed - not only of what's going on right now, but also a good understanding of trends and where everything is evolving, which is why I routinely attend many webinars and conferences about the future of technologies, future of work etc.

I am honored to have been chosen as part of a list of people and influencers to watch in the industry -
Here and here


Conference Workshops

I LOVE to conduct hands-on workshops for any crowd during a conference, (up to 100 attendees) in English with/out simultaneous translation.



Interview Coaching

Sourcing Interview Coaching

An employer who is seeking for a professional sourcer is going to ask you some hard questions and you need to prepare for them.
If you think that knowing how to source on Linkedin is enough...think again!


Sourcing Conference (SOSU)

Remote Speaker

July 3, 2017

Ilana Gur Museum | Jaffa

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