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I love to join international webinars on all kinds of topics: Sourcing, HR Tech, Future of Sourcing, Future of Recruitment, Future of Work, you name it!
I also love to join judges' panels on the same topics

HR Tech Alliances

Collaboration Competition

Best L&D Solutions

September 21, 2020

HR Tech L&D.jpg

#HRTXVirtual #1


28 April, 2020


The Exclusive
Tech Employer Awards

April /May 21, 2020

tech employers

#HRTXVirtual #1

28 April, 2020


The Role of Technology in Talent Acquisition During Times of Crisis


Recruiters Without Borders

An honest & authentic talk with Marina Byezhanova, Laura Mazzullo & Kasia Tang


HR Tech Alliances

Collaboration Competition
Best Talent Acquisition Solutions

September 21, 2020


HR Expo Online
Teleport Yourself to work

Why VR is the next thing in Remote Work

Keynote Speaker
September 15-17, 2020

remote working

ROC Day - Poland
The Augmented Sourcer

Guest Speaker
August 29, 2020

karen azulai online

Sourcing Candidates
driven by HR Tech

April, 2020

karen azulai HR TECH Sourcing


Marathon hosted by
Martin Dangerfield & Jim Beresford
March 31st, 2020


HRTX  - Hardcore Sourcing

September 28-29, 2022

No Paid Tools!

All Sourcing Tips Shared Must Be Free!

hrtx sept.jpg

All the trainers were asked to share one sourcing hack/tip/trick to find specific candidates to fill particular positions. We have 30 minutes each.

The only restriction? No paid tools. All methods shared must be free for YOU to use at your own desk!

Monthly Free Q&A Session

July 13, 2022

10:30-12:00 (CET)


Ask me any questions on anything sourcing, consult and/or vent :-)

This is a safe space, no judgement, no question is “stupid”,  leave this session feeling empowered to source with new energies!
GIVE BACK to the sourcing community that has supported me in my many  webinars, talks, workshops and events throughout the past 12 years.

To join this zoom session you need to pre-register:

Global HR & Recruitment Forum

30 May - 3 June, 2022

(Support the Ukraine)


Leading global sourcers get together to support the Ukraine in a 5-day online webinar event
to boost, inspire and share practical skills for everyone to learn from.

HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR,  Talent and Tech Experts

July 2022

A 30 min chat with Bill Banham on Sourcing.


What makes a person good at sourcing talent? What advice would you have for folks thinking of moving into sourcing?

How has the Great Resignation placed extra emphasis/stress on getting sourcing right en mass?

What are the top sourcing conferences worldwide in your opinion?

How pleased are you that in-person events are back?

As a sourcing expert, can you share 3-5 of your top sourcing tools?


I am often driven by a desire to share information and raise awareness to the changes coming our way. What I have to say is original, direct, uncompromising and in many cases before its time. This has helped me become an expert among international opinion leaders in sourcing and HR tech.

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