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Workshops & Services

When you join a workshop, you come to LEARN. Remote learning is a bit
of a challenge when it comes to hands-on learning,  which is why I make an
extra effort that it won’t be focused on me teaching rather on YOU LEARNING.

Workshops & Services סורסינג

Comprehensive Sourcing Training Program (Zoom) -LATAM - 3rd & 9th of May, 2023


As a passionate Sourcer I know how essential it is to find that perfect  candidate. Training includes: Innovative sourcing techniques, immersive workshops & real-life scenarios, Ongoing support

Sourcing Skills Lab - 4-Day Advanced Sourcing Training with Kasia Tang (zoom) 


The economic recession has forced companies to rethink their recruitment strategies. Management has cut off working with recruitment agencies & Linkedin Recruiter corp subscriptions were either gone or cut down in numbers. 

Remote In-house Sourcing Workshops, lectures, 1x1 assistance - Italy


Your sourcers/recruiters are not meeting your business goals?
Is your sourcing team not homogeneous in experience and level of sourcing?
Are you facing unique challenges?
Your global team is not on the same page?

Continuous Learning Course -
ChatGPT, Bard, Bing AI, Midjourney and Dall-e 

Screenshot 2023-02-12 094352.jpg

No, it's not hype..:-) The world of Search, as well as what we can do in sourcing and recruitment, is changing. Actually, every day there is something new that we need to learn about it. This course keeps you up-to-date with all the ongoing changes.

Tech Sourcing: Github & Stackoverflow for sourcers and recruiters


Why are sourcers and recruiters shying away from these two sources?
Because they think it's too technical. The truth is that it's very straightforward. It's crucial for finding those people not on Linkedin and learn more about them.

Global Talent Sourcing


It's my passion to find candidates, anywhere on the globe, for those
really complex roles. 

Additional Services

sourcing services סורסרינג

HR Tech Mentorship


As an HR Tech evangelist, I am one of the mentors in the first Israeli HR Tech Accelerator, AKT Labs.

In my role as co-founder of, I interview many HR Tech startups, I lead the Israeli HR tech founders community, I judge in HR Tech startup competitions internationally, I give talks about the topic internationally and I make it my business to be on top of what's going on in this field.

I believe that when one mentors, a wider perspective is needed - not only of what's going on right now, but also a good understanding of trends and where everything is evolving, which is why I routinely attend many webinars and conferences about the future of technologies, future of work etc.

I am honored to have been chosen as part of a list of people and influencers to watch in the industry - Here and here

Consult with Me

Feel free to consult with me about anything and everything sourcing and HR Tech.
Some of the topics I was consulted with in the past:

*  Building / reorganizing recruitment & sourcing teams
* Building annual sourcing budgets
*  Upskilling your sourcing team
*  Incorporating advanced technology / platforms / tools into your sourcing and recruitment process

Consult with Me יעוץ בנושא סורסינג

Conference Workshops

Conference Workshops

I LOVE to conduct hands-on workshops for any crowd during a conference, (up to 100 attendees) in English with/out simultaneous translation.

Contact Me
Consult with me
Conference Workshops


lectures הרצאות סורסינג


The Marker |  Panel HR Tech

February 19, 2019

Tel Aviv | Israel


Keynote speaker

March 13-14, 2019

Munich | Germany

TA Live!

Keynote speaker

April 18, 2019

Amsterdam | Holland

HRTechTank Demo Day

Keynote speaker and organizer

September 19, 2019

Tel Aviv | Israel

HR Week conference

Keynote speaker

December 4, 2019

Belgrade | Serbia


Talk with the global recruitment
and sourcing team


HiringSuccess 19

Hackathon judge

February 26-27, 2019

San Francisco | CA | USA

Sourcing Summit (SOSU)

Keynote speaker

April 3-4, 2019

Munich | Germany


Keynote speaker

June 6-7, 2019

Tallinn | Estonia


Keynote speaker
Workshop for 100 people

September 30, 2019

Moscow | Russia

SOSU Mediterranean

Organizer, keynote speaker
and workshop

December 17-18, 2020

Tel Aviv | Israel

Roc Day

Remote Speaker

March 14, 2020

Warsaw | Poland

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