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Advanced Sourcing Workshop Aix-En-Provence (Zoom)

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

No need for another workshop, no budget for one..regardless, you need help NOW! You need to deliver, and you are at loss at what more to do! I can come to your rescue on any platform you want and help you out with some good advice! If I am unable to help, you will not be charged. Cost: 30 min - 50 USD Why should you consult with me?

I believe I have a different MINDSET and experience than other sourcing trainers for several reasons:

1. Prior to becoming a global talent sourcer, I worked many years as an Information Professional. This means I was all about the search. SEARCH is in my DNA!

2. I have vast experience in competitive intelligence. This means - CREATIVITY is of the utmost importance!

3. I am well versed in Rech Tech and HR Tech, which means I always take your challenges (present & future) into account and recommend more advanced tools to solve them. I always take the FUTURE into account.

4. International Keynote speaker - I have given many talks in leading sourcing global events in Europe

and the US. 5. Served many times as a judge @HR Tech competition and hackathons panels.


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