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Remote In-house Sourcing Workshops, lectures or 1x1 assistance - Italy

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

"Hi Karen! I just wanted to tell you we all have implemented some new aspects to our reachouts and the results have been amazing!!!!! Thank you for sharing this knowledge I really can see a difference in the responses and engagement from the candidates :)" By running a workshop, online or frontal, talk or 1x1 assistance, you'll level up your team's skills so they all work together like a super smooth sourcing team. In my experience, this also makes everyone feel more connected and boosts their spirits and their mojo!

In-house workshops are created especially for YOU and your team's particular challenges. They're customized and made to fit your needs, which helps you build a team that's super productive and all about achieving your company's goals. As a passionate Global Talent Sourcer, I understand the frustrations of spending countless hours searching for the right candidate, only to end up overwhelmed and empty-handed. Not to mention, navigating LinkedIn Recruiter's filters can be daunting if you don't know how to leverage them effectively.🧐 That's why I'm excited to share my Comprehensive Sourcing Training Program, which I have been delivering globally via hundreds of public workshops, in-house training, events/ conferences, and webinars for the past 10 years. My workshops are designed for companies and businesses that are ready to break free from the routine, level up their sourcing and recruitment strategies and improve their ROI. I'm offering an EXPERIENCE, not just another training: 1️⃣ Innovative sourcing techniques & AI-driven tools 🤖 2️⃣ Immersive workshops, real-life scenarios, hands-on work 🎭 3️⃣ Customized training modules to suit your business needs 🧩 4️⃣ Ongoing support & mentorship 🤝 5️⃣ Personalized feedback Some of the topics we will talk about during our sessions (frontal or Zoom) : 1️⃣ The sourcing State of Mind 2️⃣ Insider secrets on leveraging LinkedIn Recruiter's filters 3️⃣ How to find profiles with different titles and keywords that are still relevant to us 4️⃣ Tech sourcing - Github, Stackoverflow and other websites 5️⃣ Boolean and x-ray searches are still a must 6️⃣ The difference between ChatGPT, Bard and BingAI and how to leverage them for sourcing 7️⃣ Tips and Tricks on how to make sure you are spending time on relevant profiles 8️⃣ Effective engagement methodology- How to ensure they open your email first. 9️⃣ List of plugins for more effective sourcing and more!

🎓Learn from one of the best to become one of the best! Are you in? Let's connect and start revolutionizing your recruitment game!🤝 For a price quote, please write to me and let me know the following: - No of attendees, are they newbies or experienced in sourcing? - What kind of LinkedIn are you working with (Recruiter light? Corp? Premium? Sales Navigator, etc..) - What kind of roles do you recruit for? - Are you HR recruiters or full-time sourcers? - Are you familiar with basic Boolean searches? X-ray search? - Are you familiar with Github / Stackoverflow? - Please share your biggest challenges these days According to your replies, I will be able to send a proposal. Format * 7 hours in 3 Zoom sessions or * 2 frontal sessions in your offices of 3.5 hours each (breaks as well) What does it include: 1. PDF of the presentations 2. Online questionnaire to each and one of the attendees to get to know you better as well as the challenges you are facing in your sourcing today. 3. Whatsapp/ signal/telegram group where you will be receiving ongoing support after the workshop. 4. Personal support. You can read here what others thought about my work. Why should you choose me as your trainer/ mentor? 1. Prior to becoming a global talent sourcer, I worked for many years as an Information Professional in the competitive intelligence field. This means I was all about the search. Creative SEARCH is in my DNA!

2. I am well versed in Recruiting Tech and HR Tech, which means I always take your challenges (present & future) into account and recommend more advanced tools to solve them. I always take the FUTURE into account.

3. International Keynote speaker and Globa Sourcing Trainer- I have given many talks at leading sourcing global events in Europe and the US (Sourcing Summit (Amsterdam, Estonia, Munich), TRU (London, Tel Aviv), HRTX (Recruiting Daily (USA), Evolve Summit (Brno, Czech Republic), HRTEchTank, HRWeek (Belgrade), Winter Island (Sochi), TA-Live (Amsterdam), HH (Moscow), TalentPRO (Germany), Nordic HR Conference (Copenhagen & Stockholm), IHRC (Ukraine), ROC (Poland), HR Evolution (Tel Aviv), HRTech Alliances (US) and many more... Q&A: 1. I'm very new at sourcing - is this good for me as well? The minimum requirements to attend this workshop is knowing basic Linkedin and Boolean search (AND, OR, NOT etc..) 2. Is the workshop only for startups and hi tech companies? Absolutely not. What I am teaching can be applied on searches in every industry, however potential candidates do have to be present on the Internet and /or social networks. 3. I don't source for technical roles, should I still attend? According to the registrants, I will decide if I will talk about GIthub and Stackoverflow. I believe it's always good to know, as you don't know if you will have to use it in your next role :-) But if you are not interested in that module, let me know beforehand. 4. What if I have questions after the workshop? You are never alone. You can contact me via email or whatsapp +972-54- 5791865 or in the whatsapp group we have created after the workshop. 5. I couldn't attend last minute, I am sorry. Can I get my money back? If you couldn't attend last minute, you will not get your money back but you will be able to join another workshop at a later date. 3. Do you provide a refund? Money-Back Guaranteed. I am confident my workshop will provide valuable insights. it never happened that I had to issue a refund, but If you feel you didn't learn anything new and are very dissatisfied with something, request a refund within 12 hours of completing the workshop.

Pls contact me directly for any questions: 1. Whatsapp +972-54-5791865 2. On my website contact me form 3. Send me an email:

You can read here what others thought about my workshops.



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