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Remote In-house Sourcing Workshop

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

A remote workshop for your sourcing/ recruiting team is always a good option, Covid times or not… ​ By conducting a remote online workshop you will upgrade your team to the same level of professionalism and have them all work like a well-oiled sourcing machine. In my experience, this also promotes a sense of belonging and helps to lift the team's morale! In-house workshops, remote or not, are designed to address YOUR specific challenges. It's personalized and customized to your needs and will help you build a team that is much more productive and focused to achieve the company's business goals. Feel free to contact me and we will discuss and better understand what type of training your team really needs. ​

You can read here what others thought about my workshops. Why should you choose me as your trainer? I believe I have a different MINDSET and experience than other sourcing trainers for several reasons: 1. Prior to becoming a global talent sourcer, I worked many years as an Information Professional. This means I was all about the search. SEARCH is in my DNA! 2. I have vast experience in competitive intelligence. This means - CREATIVITY is of the utmost importance! 3. I am well versed in Rech Tech and HR Tech, which means I always take your challenges into account and recommend more advanced tools to solve them. I always take the FUTURE into account. 4. International Keynote speaker - I have given many talks in leading sourcing global events in Europe and the US. 5. Served many times as a judge @HR Tech competition and hackathons panels. Cost: Pls contact me directly: 1. Whatsapp 2. On my contact me form here on my website 3. Send me an email:

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