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Global Talent Sourcing Services

My passion is sourcing for those REALLY COMPLEX roles. In any industry, especially high tech, but not only. Anywhere on the globe. I can either: 1. Source for profiles/CVs only or 2. Source + contact them or 3. Source + contact + interview

You should not hire me: * If you need to source for mass roles (developers etc) * If you need to source for junior roles * If you are not a great communicator! :-)

Why should you choose me as your Sourcing provider?

I believe I have a different MINDSET and experience than other sourcers for several reasons:

1. Prior to becoming a global talent sourcer, I worked many years as an Information Professional. This means I was all about the search. SEARCH is in my DNA!

2. I have vast experience in competitive intelligence. This means - CREATIVITY is of the utmost importance! 3. I use the latest sourcing tools, other sources and Linkedin is only one source of many. 4. I'm extremely SERVICE-ORIENTED, transparent, trustworthy and I raise red flags as soon as I see them! 5. Your brand is important to me and I do my best to represent you in the best way possible.

6. International Keynote speaker - I have given many talks in leading sourcing global events in Europe and the US. Cost: My model is hourly payment, no placement costs. Please contact me directly for a price proposal. * Whastapp - +972-54-5791865 * On my website - here * By email:


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