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Continuous Learning Course-ChatGPT, Gemini, Co-pilot and whatever AI tools may might come next!

Updated: Mar 4

Note: You can join these sessions anytime; there is no end or beginning. It's ongoing. Anything that happened before you joined is captured on video and saved in the library for you to see at your convenience. So you are not missing out on anything.

Whether you love chatGPT (and other generative AIs), hate it, fear it, hope for it to fade, or think it does not affect you or your job in any way, it's time to get involved.

There's a saying: Generative AI might not replace you, but someone who's an expert in it will.

True, every technology has a hype phase, and then usually, the disappointment sets in. However, this is different. The quick adoption shows us that this is here to stay and that we are only in its infancy.

In the upcoming days, weeks, and months, we are going to witness and go through extremely fast changes in how we search and consume information.

One single session cannot encompass all the daily changes, which is why I chose this continuous learning format.

ChatGPT capabilities and UI are continuously changing. Bard feels like it's lagging a bit behind but still has its added value, and Bing AI has features that the other two don't have. When do you use which? Is there one tool you can count on? Other models like Meta's open-source tool are also being tested these days. This one particularly causes some worries as it is much smaller and agile and can solve issues quickly with a laptop and contributors from all over the world sharing their knowledge.

It has become obvious that prompting is an art, and to really generate good results with AI, one has to know how to approach writing a prompt.

Chrome extensions and GPT plug-ins enable much more productivity by enabling automation. And AUTOMATION is going to be THE NAME OF THE GAME.

And we haven't even mentioned Midjourney and Dall- (and others..)e. Should you pay for them or not? How do they differ?

My emphasis is always on sourcing, recruitment, and productivity. AND I aim not only to share information but also to share INSIGHTS.

We are witnessing new GPT-based sourcing tools and see advanced AI-based sourcing tools incorporating GPT into the system.

What does this continuous course include?

  1. A dedicated premium WhatsApp group. Since there are new features almost every day, the group is the place where I will post about them. It's where you can also ask ongoing questions, seek clarifications, receive advice, etc.

  2. Weekly Zoom call at 11 AM CET.

  3. You will have access to the recordings, so if you cannot attend, you can watch the recording.

Why me?

This is not a fad or a trend for me. I've been talking about AI and recruitment since 2017. I consume information about this topic almost 24/7. I'm present in many places (groups, newsletters, webinars, etc.), and the minute there is something new, I immediately share it with you, so you are always on top of everything. Re sourcing/recruitment I believe I have a different MINDSET and experience than other sourcing trainers for several reasons:

1. Prior to becoming a global talent sourcer, I worked many years as an Information Professional. This means I was all about the search. SEARCH is in my DNA!

2. I have vast experience in competitive intelligence. This means - CREATIVITY is of the utmost importance!

3. I am well versed in Rech Tech and HR Tech, which means I always take your challenges (present & future) into account and recommend more advanced tools to solve them. I always take the FUTURE into account.

4. International Keynote speaker - I have given many talks in leading sourcing global events in Europe

and the US. 5. Served many times as a judge @HR Tech competition and hackathons panels.

You can read here what others thought about my workshops. Cost: 99 Euros, 1 time payment for 3 months 159 Euros, 1 time payment for 6 months 220 Euros, 1 time payment for 12 months Pls contact me directly: 1. Whatsapp 2. On my website contact me form 3. Send me an email:


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