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Mass mailing - How can I still provide value and not spam potential candidates?

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

One of the questions that I get a lot in my workshops is: I don't have time to personalize my emails - I have to mass email - How can I still keep them relevant and provide value? I don't want to spam.


And my answer is:

If we want to be professional sourcers, our knowledge should exceed sourcing techniques. We should also want to understand what motivates job seekers and what they regard as important to them above all, especially during these troubled times.

Research on this topic mentions:

1. TRUST- Especially when we are dealing with remote work. Will you trust that I am doing

my job or will you be checking in on me all the time? I might want to become a digital

nomad - will you be able to cope with me travelling and working?

2. EMPATHY - I have kids with me at home, not to mention I am sharing the workspace with my

husband, will it be ok if my kid makes an appearance during a video call or can't join by

audio as my husband is also on call during this time??

3. TRANSPARENCY - What's the remote recruitment and onboarding process gonna look


4. UPSKILLING - Many companies are offering opportunities to learn and upskill - Are you

one of them?

5. HAPPINESS - Are you using tools that someone in my role would love to have?

6. ADDED VALUE - What is the added value to working in your company? Is your solution a groundbreaking one? Are you the solution for freelancers looking for outsourcing projects? Etc.

An engagement email to passive candidates is a SALES PITCH. Let's not forget.

By no means is it a friendly note.

Sales succeed in one of two situations:

1. When you solve someone's pain, or

2. When it appeals to their sense of pleasure

This way, even if you cannot take the time to personalize, you are still doing both: You are addressing some of their questions and concerns ahead of time and luring them with coveted solutions that will make them happy.

That in itself makes the mass mailing more intelligent, relevant as well as provide value without spending time on personalization and, at the very least, will (probably) not antagonize the recipient.

Good luck!


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