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X-Ray search is imperative even if you use Linkedin Corp!

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

There is a notion out there that if you are paying full price for Linkedin Recruiter, you are covered and there is no need to search anywhere else. A very high percentage of sourcers and recruiters are using Linkedin only for keyword searches. I even heard of sourcers/recruiters using Linkedin Recruiter only to find those open to opportunities...Not to mention tech recruiting agencies and tech staffing agencies using Linkedin as their sole source. This is so wrong in so many ways... 1. Linkedin is only 1 source out of many. Not everyone is on Linkedin. 2. Profiles, many times, are LEAN. Not enough info to make educated decisions and assessments 3. In case of tech recruitment, this is even more true. There is no way to establish quality, knowledge, current activities on Linkedin. I will be blunt...Sourcers and recruiters that use only Linkedin as their only source are only good enough. It is by no means performing sourcing with excellence. A search for an employee, your most valuable asset, should involve taking additional actions to verify that you are spending your time on relevant potential candidates, as well as you are matching a role they would be happy with. In 2017 I wrote a post on how I cancelled my Linkedin subscription. People were shocked...but the truth was that I got along very well with X-raying and other advanced, some free some paid, tools. Regardless, the new sourcers coming into the market, sadly, are using only linkedin, even more. Companies are paying huge amounts of money to Linkedin, not understanding it is not enough, nor is it the right choice for them. 2 days ago, I received yet another confirmation from a the excellent sourcer Merav Babai, who shared her post on my Facebook Sourcing Group (Hebrew) in order to strength my comment on a post. She was amazed to find out out that her global client, boasting 10 Linkedin Recruiter seats did not come up with so many potential candidates that she was able to find for them by using X-ray on LinkedIn, as well as other tools. Why does that happen? Because each method and source are using different algorithms to generate results. An advanced sourcer would use different methods and sources and never feel that searching Linkedin from within, is enough. Not to mention if you are a tech sourcer/ recruiter. I've delivered so many workshops on Github and Stackoverflow (and other websites and tools) and I can safely say - There are great developers and engineers who are not on LinkedIn. 100%. And so much information found on other social sources is not mentioned on their LinkedIn profiles. As one of the sourcers on my workshop said - I can find such an amazing list of candidates only to find out that so many of them are not relevant as I did not have critical info mentioned on their LinkedIn profiles". Conclusion - A professional sourcer will never use one source or one method to source. Casting a wider net on the internet is a must.



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