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The "Happiness Factor" Sourcers Need to Know About

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

I'll get right to the point:

Sourcers need to know what the "happiness factor" is in every role they source for.

And what do I mean by that?

What is it in that role, that makes anyone performing it - happy to be part of it.

We all know about the general "employee experience" in our company, but we don't know what makes

a backend developer happy (DX - Developer Experience) or what makes a specific company really great for DevOps engineers.

After all, we are going to ask someone to drop everything and join us and do exactly the same for us...

As sourcers, in our outreach email, we need to be able to make them understand - what's in it for them. Or in other words - Why should they make the move.

But we don't know what makes a DevOps engineer tick...and perhaps a full-stack engineer's experience and happiness are different than for backend engineers?

Lots of companies offer lots o'perks, but I believe it all boils down to who offers them the best experience in their respective fields.

As sourcers - we have no clue. So what should we do?

1. Read the developer reports from Gitlab, HackerRank and other tech-oriented market players - They highlight issues and dissatisfaction as well as other interesting stats.

2. Summon a zoom or frontal meeting with current employees performing this role and ask them:

"Why do you love being a BE/FS/DevOps engineer in this company"?

Some of their replies could be:

1. I get quiet time to work, this means no one is storming in whenever they want and interrupting my line of thought!

2. I'm not forced to work with old technologies

3. Failing is not frowned upon...actually experimenting and (if it happens) failing fast are encouraged

4. Realistic deadlines

5. Tools that enable quick onboarding to the code

and more... If your company has great solutions for all that and more! then mention it by all means! as you will be addressing exactly what they would want to be part of and perhaps they do not experience in their current role.

This is the kind of targeted info that will help you sell your role and get a better ROI for your outreach email, as well as will make your job so much more interesting!


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