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How to send mass outreach emails that MATTER.

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

So every time I train companies on how to write engaging outreach emails, there’s always someone who says there’s no way they can customize and personalize their emails like that (especially staffing companies and recruiting agencies, that need to mass email, but not only).

My reply is always – Choose the stars out there, customize and personalize those. The others you can mass email.

But how can WE NOT SPAM when we send mass mailing?

By understanding what motivates employees these days.

Instead of the regular “Hi I’m xxxx, TA from this and that company, I was really impressed with your etc etc… talk about what those things that are important today, post-Covid, in a work environment.

So you can imagine how happy I was to hear Daniel Pink’s talk at Gloat Live: “How understanding motivation and the Art of Persuasion can help you win the war for talent”.

In his talk, he mentioned 5 factors that are super important for employees at these times:

1. AUTONOMY – Does the company TRUST their remote employees

2. Talk less about HOW they will do things, instead talk about WHY the company is doing what they are doing. This way you will appeal to their sense of morals/ethics/drive/fulfilment. Or as Nietzsche said: “He who has a why can bear almost any how”.

3. People want to feel there’s PROGRESS in their work, to feel that they are doing meaningful work – Does your company have any progress rituals? If so, mention them in your emails.

4. Does your company allow and promote BREAKS? Research shows they’ve been proven to boost productivity and are a sign of strength. Share this practice with your potential candidate.

5. Does your company empower employees to take chances, speak up and air their ideas and not keep their heads down? Mention that as well.

Bottom line: Outreach emails are a sales pitch. You can sell to someone if you solve their pain, or you promise them pleasure.

If those factors are essential for employees today, make sure you mention in your mass emailing how you address these factors (and more) in your company (or how your client addresses them).

That will make your mass-emailing always RELEVANT and appeal to those who don’t enjoy these prerogatives in their current workplace and make it EASIER for them to consider your role.



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