Karen Azulai

When Sourcing, Recruitment & HR meet Technology... Wonderful things can happen!

קרן אזולאי

כאשר סורסינג, גיוס ו-HR פוגשים טכנולוגיה קורים דברים מופלאים...

Sourcing Coach סמארט סורסינג

Int'l Sourcing Coach

In-house training, remote training for global teams, public workshops, sourcing interview coaching

International speaker סורסינג

International speaker

Recruitment technologies & innovation, HR Tech, remote work

Consulting סורסינג


Setting up sourcing teams, building an annual sourcing budget

HR Tech וסורסינג טכנולוגי

HR Tech

Mentor for HR Tech Startups, consulting for recruiting and HR Directors for integrating advance technologies, lecturer / blogger / influencer


Who I Am

Karen Azulai סורסרית


If I were to describe myself... I would say that I am multidisciplinary with a strong attraction to finding and locating, the future and new technologies. I operate at the intersection of four disciplines - sourcing, recruiting, HR and advanced technologies, that is - HR Tech, now also known as Work Tech.

In recent years, I have become a thought leader, both in Israel and abroad, on innovation in candidate sourcing and HR technologies and how they affect the work environment.

I take every opportunity to speak at conferences in Israel and around the world.

I co-founded HRTechNation.com - Innovations in HR technology.


"You are definitely leading the field forward in Israel"

Among my Clients