Karen Azulai

When Sourcing, Recruitment & HR meet Technology... Wonderful things can happen!


Int'l Sourcing Coach

In-house training, remote training for global teams, public workshops, sourcing interview coaching


International speaker

Recruitment technologies & innovation, HR Tech, remote work



Setting up sourcing teams, building an annual sourcing budget


HR Tech

Mentor for HR Tech Startups, consulting for recruiting and HR Directors for integrating advance technologies, lecturer / blogger / influencer


Who I Am


If I were to describe myself... I would say that I am multidisciplinary with a strong attraction to finding and locating, the future and new technologies. I operate at the intersection of four disciplines - sourcing, recruiting, HR and advanced technologies, that is - HR Tech, now also known as Work Tech.

In recent years, I have become a thought leader, both in Israel and abroad, on innovation in candidate sourcing and HR technologies and how they affect the work environment.

I take every opportunity to speak at conferences in Israel and around the world.

I co-founded HRTechNation.com - Innovations in HR technology.


"You are definitely leading the field forward in Israel"

Among my Clients